The Savonarola Painter Anna Savonarola

Country of Residence:

France, Metz

“When you paint, become the painting.” The painting depicts freedom, strength and movement. Today I am convinced of this strength, where I realize my dream. Painting according to the Seasons and I often think of this saying that I invented from experience. The Soul has its reasons that the heart also ignores. "The Soul, do not doubt it, is... the Painter."

All my works are in oil, pastels or acrylic, prepared in the traditional way. My paintings are made from a model and/or on demand. They are made in the moment, inspiration and spontaneity.

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Ironically, my name is in Italian, even though I was born in France, and my ancestor's name is in French, even though he was born in Ferrara - Florence - Italy!

"Self-taught" at the age of 13, I was already drawing horses "at the speed of light"! But I'm also very comfortable with mountains, trees and nature. I've been painting since May 1998, when I really discovered my calling. It was a 'defining' period for me. I went through all the formats and documents. I was amazed to learn that May 98 was the 500th birthday of my ancestor SAVONAROLE Girolamo! Famous preacher, calligrapher and renowned for his "divinatory art", poet and writer. I have also developed the art of divination and since then oil painting, which for me remains the "must" art of all time. It's a real passion. I used to 'eat' almost all the little books that explained it. From technique to perspective, where I studied all the 'tips' and 'tricks'. Pastel and oil painting attracted me like a magnet, I studied them in all their forms, I was recognised for my own style, my originality and a free and expressive side took over. I'm also writing a book, in parallel, in the "Novel" genre. I invite you to read just a small extract, just to give you the first notes.... My novel.

My technique is characterised by originality, composition and harmony. As a self-taught and experienced painter, I have a keen eye for colour and imagination which, when combined, enable me to create a work of art that stands apart from the rest. Inspired by simple elements, from which a new work is born, where the motif is reflected in the perspective and becomes my signature. Vivid, natural colours are reflected in punctuated strokes, and I bring to my canvas a kind of "rebirth to life". Firstly, I differentiate myself from my work, in other words, there are two of us.
Secondly, I stop "time" and transcend my painting, I find myself in the place of the work and we become one. The painting is alive. A famous painter is said to have said a truth that I like very much:
"When you paint, become the painting". Painting is about freedom, strength and movement. Today, I'm convinced of this strength, and I'm realising my "dream". I paint according to the seasons, because I often think of this saying too, which I have found through experience. A completely different truth: "The soul has its reasons that the heart also ignores". Don't doubt it, the Soul is the painter..... Anna Savonarola

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